Cheaper software spam

Today's spam message which I picked up while combing through the spam folders for false positives is one which advertises a cheap source of computer software:

There is no cheaper source of original and perfectly working software.

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The BSD DaemonFor what it's worth I did check out their site with NoScript safely turned on and cookies disabled and their site looks pretty swish, but unlike a bricks and mortar business what a website looks like tells you little about it's integrity. The fact they only made a few spelling mistakes on this message impressed me though!

Anyway onto their claim: I already know several "cheaper source[s]" for original, high quality and perfectly working computer software, and I reckon they're even cheaper still! the FreeBSD Ports System, NetBSD's pkgsrc, Arch Linux's AUR, Debian apt-get, Mac OS X and Darwin's MacPorts and Fink

Couldn't help it, why just talk about spam when you can squeeze in some advocacy too while you're at it?