Changing your Singapore Mocca email


A quick tip for those who had the same trouble I had this afternoon!

The message of doom

IMPORTANT: You must verify your email address before your listings can become active. You can verify your email address by clicking the link that was sent to you when you registered. If you need us to send you a new Activation Email, Click Here. If you need to change your email address, enter your new email address below and click the Update button. A new Activation Email will sent automatically to that address.

If you decide to change your email address in the Personal Information screen on Mocca, you should receive an email verifying your new address. Problem is, if you click the the "Click Here to Verify Your Email Address" graphic in the email, it takes you here:

I didn't put those words in as variables, literally that's the link that's provided! Clearly someone at Mocca didn't substitute the variables in their string. That's what she said.

Fortunately, at the bottom of the message there's a misleadingly labelled link called "Click Here to Activate your Mocca listing". Clicking THIS link will activate your new email address.

At least I didn’t have to contact support

I've been moving off Gmail over the last week or so, and so far VMware and Mocca are the only sites that have given me trouble.

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