Changelog for omake.opml


The Retrocomputers section in my Omake outline has a few new things and changes:

  • My list of old computers are now under that root heading instead of gear, to make them easier to find.

  • Links to CD-ROMs on the Internet Archive are under their own heading, because the list was becoming gigantic.

  • There’s a new Books and References section with links to service manuals and other material as PDFs on the Internet Archive. I’ll be uploading any BIOS references etc that aren’t there.

  • Rearranged some of the XML namespaces. I have a metadata link to my blogroll hosted on FeedLand now. Probably redundant, but I’m of the opinion that more metadata is (nearly) always better.

On the #TODO list still:

  • Find, upload, and/or link to older BSD releases that I used. I still have the original disk images I took of the drives before destroying them. Maybe I need to call Call for Testing for hashes :).

  • Needs more classic BeOS.

  • There are still tons of missing ISOs.

  • Add an expand a VC-20 [sic] subsection when I finish building my Das Franken-20 from parts!

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