Chains I miss in Australia and Singapore


There were a few Twitter threads about Australian store chains people miss. My family moved to Singapore when I was in late primary school, so this is a mix of both places:

Brashs (Australia)
Music was important to my parents, and we spent much of our weekends in primary school wandering around their selections.

HMV (Both)
Similar to Brashs. The one in the Heeren shopping centre on Orchard Road was a wonderland. I loved that jazz and blues even had their own rooms.

World 4 Kids (Australia)
The excitement about going into this store to grab the latest Lego kit went way above Toys-R-Us. Not sure why.

Tuckerbag (Australia)
When we lived in Melbourne for a few years, this was our local supermarket. Lots of fond memories going there after school on Friday with my mum to get a end of week treat.

Borders (Both)
This one broke my heart. Much of my high school life was spent sitting in the isles in the Wheelock Place branch. I went to the closing down sale at the Bondi Junction store.

Pizza Hut (Australia)
Pizza Hut was always, and still is, a family restaurant in Singapore. I keep reading articles that they’re bringing them back in Australia, but they’ve been reimagined. Because of course they have been.

Yaohan (Singapore)
In the former Plaza Singapura before it was refurbished the first time. Their arts, crafts, and stationary section was the best place to get Japanese stuff at the time.

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