Celebrating post 4000 around a campfire


Groundskeeper Willy, Kusugara Sasara, Mr Alpaca Coffee and Nagato Yuki around an IKEA candle

Isn't that sweet? Groundskeeper Willie, Kusugawa Sasara, Mr. Alpaca Coffee and Nagato Yuki huddled around a campfire to celebrate four thousand Rubenerd posts!

I know, it feels like déjà vu. Back when I used WordPress, we prematurely celebrated post ID 4000. Careful of the cinders, don't sit too close! Before I spun off my Twitter archives, we reached 4000 in 2011. Had I not lost a ton of my anime posts, we probably would have reached this milestone again a lot sooner.

Still, aren't regular celebrations the best? Happy 4000 everyone, and an especially huge thank you for your readership, discussions and support over these nine years. Pass the strawberry marshmallows, will you? ^_^

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