Celebrating 2800 posts with shinyness


Photo of the Pullman S2800

Yup, it's time for another one of our beloved Rubenerd Pointless Milestones, and this time we're continuing another fine tradition! I live to write posts like this :)

Last year I celebrated the reaching of WordPress ID 5700 by posting information about the Tennent 5700 industrial scrubber, so it only seems fitting then to keep this silly little tradition we've been sharing alive. A great idea, or the greatest idea of all time?

Don’t answer that

To celebrate the auspicious posting of 2800 blog posts, here for your reading delight is information about the fine Pullman Ermantor 5700 industrial vaccum cleaner — no wait, dust extractor. Sounds lean, mean and awesome, and it's shiny in both appearance and Firefly parlance. What is it?

A powerful two motor dust extractor equipped with pre filter and a H13 main filter. Quiet and compact design. 40 litre recovery bag Jets pulsing for effective filter cleaning. 5 meter hose complete with cleaning equipment. Suitable for large quantities of concrete and plaster dust.

Sounds awesome! And finally its technical specifications:

WEIGHT (kg) 43
VACUUM (kPa) 24
FINE FILTER pol/cell
SIZE (LxBxH in cm) 71x61x110
COLLECTION 40-litre plastic bag

Who says I never blog about anything interesting and/or relevant here? Again, best if you don't answer that.

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