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Ruben picks apart the useless spam he receives from the spamming spammers who spam him with their spammingly spammish spam. For all the spam he has picked apart, visit the spam category… sounds like a Monty Python routine.

At [Some Crap Casino], we are so sure you are going to love our games
that we are giving you up to $300.00 FREE just for trying our Casino.

[Some Crap Casino] is the best in the industry because we offer:
* $300.00 FREE to new depositors
* Play all your favorite games: Poker, Hold’em, Black Jack, Slots, etc.
* Rapid payouts to all clientele & 24/7 support
* A complete and SAFE gaming experience

Give us a try! Remember, Free $300.00 is ON THE HOUSE!
Start Winning Now!

You're assuming a lot here people. First, that I gamble (stuff that), second that I trust my Spam (stuff that), and third that I'm a moron… that's your cue as a reader to say "stuff that".

In any event, I don't gamble and I can't imagine I'd ever start just because I got an unauthorised junk message. And I wonder how much in "fees" or the like you have to part with to get your "Free" $300.00?

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