I’m slowly weaning myself off Dropbox dependencies in favour of self-hosting and going back to basics, but in the interim I learned something. As far as I can tell, Dropbox isn’t case-sensitive. You probably all knew that already, but it’s news to me.

I store work-in-progress copies of blog assets in a Dropbox folder. Everything else sits in encrypted sparsebundles, but this stuff is going to be public anyway, so I don’t bother. Here it is on my home desktop:

$ ls -1
==> Anime
==> Hardware
==> Internet
==> Media
==> Show
==> Software
==> Thoughts

They may seem familiar to those used to my hopelessly inadequate category system! On my other laptop, I have this:

$ ls -1
==> anime
==> hardware
==> internet
==> media
==> show
==> software
==> thoughts

I’ve resynced them a few times, but they still come up as entirely lowercase. I’m not concerned as much as I am intrigued by how this came about.