The @cartron on blogging regularity


Nico commented via the Bird Site:

I am still amazed that you manage to write almost daily 2 blog articles - I like the short ones like this one, I should probably do some of them as well from time to time - this one made me smile :-)

Thanks! Shorter/sillier posts have got me into trouble before, but that only makes me want to do them more.

I love that we’re the master of our own domain with blogging. If you want to post once every year, or a few smaller posts a day, or take a break for a few months, you absolutely can. You can write without titles, have a complicated or simple site design, include inline images or only post text, whatever you want. There aren’t any rules, beyond writing syntax a browser and RSS aggregator can interpret.

Nico’s blog is great too; he’s tempted me with the siren song of an even simpler blogging system recently. My only qualm is his avatar always makes me want to get French ice cream, because nobody does it better! 🇫🇷

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