Clara and I are finally forcing ourselves to finish Kill la Kill, the 2014 breakout anime from the Gainax spinoff Trigger studios. We’re down to the last few episodes, and boy it’s a slog.

Much like Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill wove quite the universe and premise. We immediately empathised with the characters, and wanted them out of their seemingly intractable situation. Mako, her wonderful family and her Hallelujah! moments are especially delightful and heart warming.

Then, the second act/arc/half came around, and the story has devolved into a mindless parade of explosions and long–winded bluster. To each their own, but I’m finding it duller than watching grass dry. Look at that, it’s making me mix metaphors.

Our friends tell us the ending twist makes it worth the wait, but for now I can tell you I’m close to dropping this series again with three more episodes to go. It’d be a shame, because I otherwise love the characters. Someone give me strength!