Caffeine may contribute to healthy liver


By yuukihide on Pixiv

Great catch by @Sebasu_tan last night:

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the major cause of fatty liver not due to excessive alcohol consumption. [..]

The results, published in the journal Hepatology, suggest that consuming the equivalent caffeine intake of 4 cups of coffee or tea a day may be beneficial in preventing and protecting against the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

See people? I’m not drinking too much coffee, I’m protecting my liver!

That said, I’m a little sceptical. Four cups of coffee to me sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen. Four cups of tea sounds far more manageable, only because it would contain less caffeine. I’m interested to see if these numbers are what the journal actually indicated, or whether it was an issue in the reporting.

(The rather fabulous image of a coffee-wielding, sustainable-energy supporting Misaka Mikoto from the legendary Index Railgun series was drawn by yuukihide on Pixiv. Credit to finding the aformentioned image goes to Clara).

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