More Commodore 16 Unicomp keyboard comparions


My Unicomp versus my Commodore 16

Speaking of latest photos on Flickr, I recently uploaded another comparison photo of my Commodore 16 (Wikipedia) and my new Unicomp SpaceSaver which you can see above.

A photo of my Commodore 16 home computer from the 1980s above my new Unicomp SpaceSaver buckling spring keyboard made to the same specifications as the venerable IBM Model M keyboard which came out around the same time.

They’re uncannily similar, right down to the texture of the plastic! Perhaps I need to get a Commodore 16 sticker to put on this :)

In this photo their similarities are less striking than this photo I took which really shows the colour and texture of the plastic to be similar, if not exactly the same.

I love tech nostalgia from a bygone era. If as I said in the photo comment above I could get a Commodore 16 sticker to place on my Unicomp SpaceSaver that'd just be… what was it the kids were saying in the 1980s? It'd be… radical!

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