Great Servage graphic from

For those of you subscribed to my blog through an aggregator using the old URL for the RSS feed instead of the new one, you may have noticed four recent posts with identical timestamps. You probably don't care why this happened, but I'm so excited I just have to relay it!

When I moved from Servage to Segment Publishing because the former was absolutely awful and because I had so much success with the latter for other projects, I also took the opportunity to move the site back to which I had previously lost to domain squatters. was still with Servage, but all it contained was a simple .htaccess script to redirect all requests to the new domain.

Well as of today, I finally got around to moving the domain off Servage and onto Segment Publishing including said text file. This means, FINALLY, I am completely, 110% off Servage. I don't have anything hosted with them whatsoever. Clear as mud!

I'm putting the finishing touches on my post detailing what an awful webhost Servage is but it won't be ready for a few days. Another post I'm positive you're all anxiously awaiting ;-).