Let’s circle back on this nuanced lede


Perfect It may have done just that:

At the end of the day, ditching buzzwords would be a win-win. There’s no problem getting buy-in—it’s not bleeding-edge; every thought leader is in alignment with it. It should be the low-hanging fruit going forward. When you open the kimono, however, you have to admit you can’t move the needle: corporate groupthink, fads and fetishes, and basic inertia make a perfect storm. Even if you’re giving 110%, you don’t have the bandwidth to boil the ocean like that. It seems like there’s no ROI—it is what it is.

But if words are your wheelhouse, you can disrupt that and level up. If you think outside the box, you can leverage some next-level technology to pivot and raise the bar to get synergy and make a paradigm shift. You won’t ever get a hard stop on buzzwords, but you can be truly impactful.

I hope what I just had was a hiccup, and not something worse.

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