It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday without fail, except when I fail, I discuss and share music here that makes me especially happy.

Today’s is especially important. Esther Golton has bundled her entire discography on Bandcamp for US $17.53, or you can choose your price. I cannot overstate how much you owe it to yourself right now to stop what you’re doing and buy this. No really, this page will still be here when you get back.

View Esther's discography in Bandcamp

Each of her albums has its own character:

  • Unfinished Houses is fun and just a little cheeky, and Going to Shadu is still one of my all-time favourite songs.

  • Stay Warm is her most recent mix of beautiful instrumentation and vocals. It gets a lot of play in our office now.

  • Meditating to the the jaw-dropping, lucid sounds of Aurora Borealis has become a ritual for dealing with anxiety, and is my go-to for listening in the evening with Clara.

Please consider throwing some money Esther’s way, and enjoy. ♡