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ThinkGeek Shirt of Ultimate Disambiguation

Earlier this year I decided I couldn't keep up all my disparate blogs scattered over a wider area than all that foam that ended up on the walls when our washing machine had problems, so I merged them all into this one. This means for each practical software tip there are several needlessly pointless posts such as this one that perhaps would have just gone into a journal before, but it's an infinitely easier setup. The word infinitely has lots of skinny letters in it.

Had an impossibly busy day today with lots of demands from many different people and from classes. I spent most of my school life taking care of my mum and fixing computer problems for people, and it seems I'm still stuck in that mindset of just taking tasks people present to me and running with them without really thinking about the commitment I'm setting myself up for.

It's a tired, worn out cliche to admit, but I need to learn to say no sometimes: perhaps I really do need a Shirt of Ultimate Disambiguation! I'm more than happy to help people who are willing to learn and do a little research in advance, but I get perhaps a dozen questions a day in email, on Twitter and in person asking me how to do things and I just don't have the time. Believe me, if I didn't have work and study commitments I would be more than happy to help people with their computer problems.

In an interesting way though, days like this with work, studies and helping people are tough to get through as I'm living it, but when I go to sleep I feel good. Like I contributed something to the world at large. I guess it really is a mindset.

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