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Singapore Bus by Mailer_Diablo on Wikipedia

The folks running the Bus Eireann Deals Twitter account asked people this evening to trial their new alert system and provide feedback. This post is a response to said request.

Let me just start by saying I'm so thoroughly disjointedness disappointed (dang this Firefox spell checker is hopeless!) with their service I could harpoon an Attitude Chicken. Wait, Bob Geldof is Irish isn't he?

I tried three buses, read that three buses and the service couldn't even find them, let alone give me timetable or fare information:

  • The 105 from Lorong Chuan to Scotts Road
  • The 75 from Holland Village to Marina Centre
  • The misleadingly titled Aeroline from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

When we were in Ireland the weather was so bad we kept hearing how Bus Eireann were having to cancel services. We almost booked a bunch of trips with them, whew!

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