BSD questions from @romanzolotarev


@romanzolotarev asked two great questions last week. The first was on which stack we use:

  1. BSD, sh, vi 🐡😈
  2. Linux, Bash, Vim 🐧
  3. something else (reply)

I use 1 and 2 professionally, no prizes for guessing which I prefer. I stopped preinstalling Vim on BSD servers and use stock nvi and sh. My workstations have other combinations:

  • Work laptop and personal Mac: macOS, ksh, Vim
  • Work bhyve box: FreeBSD, ksh, nvi
  • Personal laptop and tower: FreeBSD, ksh, Vim
  • Personal tinkering VM and vintage boxes: NetBSD, ksh, nvi

And on keyboards, the options were:

  1. built-in, stock keyboard
  2. external, upgraded
  3. I don’t use a keyboard

I’m on call most times, and like working from coffee shops, so I use 1. It’s difficult with the godawful Mac butterfly keyboards, so thesedays I blog with a tiny Panasonic Let’s Note. At desks I do 2 using:

  • Work: KBtalKing with Cherry MX Browns
  • Home: Leopold FC660 with Topres, the world’s greatest switches.

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