Bringing my own git in-house


GitHub generated a lot of positive press for their renaming of Master branches to Main. I think they missed an opportunity to call it Trunk, but either way it’s an entirely hollow gesture for those of us who care about human dignity and rights.

Regardless of where you stand there though, this has reminded me that I need to bring more stuff in-house. Hosting your own git on a cloud instance or VPS is fairly simple with tools like Gitea, though I’m thinking of just using straight-up git with GitWeb for publishing a web frontend for others to view. I don’t need pull requests and other workflow tools for my personal projects, and GitWeb would give people visibility.

It’s also got me thinking about where Subversion fits. I still prefer it for some reasons among others, but with FreeBSD potentially moving to git (IIRC), and almost all of my work being git now, dare I say it makes sense to standardise on it and make my life easier. The site you’re reading now has been on git since I moved off WordPress five seven years ago, as too are my dotfile configs and lunchbox.

Now that I think about it, all my public-facing repos and work are on git, either from the start or having been migrated from hg. It’s my private stuff that’s on Subversion. Maybe that could be a useful separation to maintain.

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