While I'm hopelessly sucking up to sites and people by giving favourable reviews (they're so much nicer to write than negative reviews!), Dana Gardner (yes, the same Dana I talked about recently) unveiled his new BriefingsDirect podcast website design this evening Adelaide and Singapore time. I like it, it's classy and fresh. Freshly classy if you will.

The new design features a darker background with a solid header colour and a white centre. Where have I seen a recent site redesign like that before? I guess its what they always say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yes, I'm implying a big shot like Dana is a not only a regular reader of my site here but that he was so impressed by my stunning design skills that he copied it. Yeah, that'll work!

BriefingsDirect is described as an "Analyst moderated enterprise IT podcast". I admit I'm a bit behind in the more recent episodes, but they're fascinating and well worth a listen. I especially enjoyed the episode in late May about WebKit and how web developers are adapting to mobile platforms. A lot of the topics Dana and his guests talk about I'm studying as we speak, so aside from being interesting they're also immediately useful :).

I first heard Dana talk back when I subscribed to the IT Conversations iteration of The Gillmor Gang in 2004.