First set of mid-semester break park photos


Duck duck duck duck

My shrink and good friend in Alaska Sir Jim Kloss esq. suggested I take a break from computers and see some nature. I didn't have time to take an entire day off, but on Monday morning for several hours I left the house and walked around the gardens in Mawson Lakes taking photos. It did me the world of good.

Who are you looking at?My neck hurts!

I took far too many [amateur] photos to upload all at once, so I'm staggering them over a few days. Today's selection are all the photos I took of avian friends. Well they weren't really friends, aside from the ducks they all flew away as soon as I got close :).

I'm super sneaky sneakyDidn't I park my car here?

Taken with my Nikon D60 and my 55-200mm Nikkor lens. You can view the evolving Flickr gallery here.

You looking at me?Gotsa get me some foodage

My new hairgel is awesome

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