Another homemade bread loaf attempt

Today was another extremely stressful stuyding and family related problems kind of day, so I decided to step away from the computer again for an hour or so and bake some more bread. Anyone who has ever been a roommate of mine knows I can't cook, but bread is forgiving enough that even if you mess up the recipe and/or cooking time its still a lot of fun and still ends up tasting great.

For my second attempt I increased the amount of flour, milk and the cooking time from last time by a third, though this time I think I dusted too much flour when I was kneading and folding so there were some pretty deep cracks where the dough hadn't stuck together properly when it baked, but with a tiny bit of cream and some generous dollops of raspberry jam the end result tasted great, as I eluded to in the first paragraph of this overly long post!

For my next attempt I might use the sugar, butter and salt even more sparingly than this time; I'm already using far less than most of the recipes I've found asked for, but it still tastes great without, as I've eluded to three times now.

In any event, such exercises have been a ton of fun and a great distraction from life which has been valuable in and of itself. Plus I get to eat nice tasting home baked bread :).