Both kinds of music: the blues and jazz!


So today was a pretty dreadful as days go. I walked into my mums room this afternoon to see her face turning red and sweating; she couldn't breathe. So we got into a taxi and after one of the wildest traffic weaving adventures I think any of us have ever had we got to the hospital and had her admitted into the overnight care wing. She's okay now thank goodness, bit of a scare, but the nurses there are all really friendly and I'm positive she's in capable hands.

Anyway so this evening sitting back home my sister and I were feeling depressed, as you can no doubt imagine!

Now I've found myself getting more and more into Jazz and especially in the last few years, especially with artists like Kevin So and Chick Corea with their clean sounds, the huge volumes of Latin Jazz my dad has picked up on his business trips to South America and of course the Official Rubenerd Greatest Artist of All Time: Michael Franks.

Michael Franks

But we needed something else today as well, so I whipped out some Eric Clapton, B.B. King, the Blues Brothers, Sam and Dave, Terry Callier… and a whole pile of other stuff. I love it!


Then it got me thinking: I looked at all the mountains of music I've accumulated over the years on my various playlists, and I have far fewer pop and "Billboard Top" and "MTV" and all that stuff than I thought. Am I turning into a music snob already? 10 years from now when I'm in my thirties will I be rocking in a chair talking to my kids about the "horrible" music they're playing on the radio? Heck that's what I think about most of it now!


Dang I need to unpack my mixer board ASAP, this is great rant material for a Rubenerd Show right here :).

Oh god… I have more J-Pop than western pop… oh god… I didn't see that coming.

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