Booking a hotel in 2023


These are the emails I received from a hotel, and a booking site, after a two-night stay:

  • Your new account on Foo
  • Confirm your new account on Foo
  • You have a message from Foo
  • Stay Safe. Pre-check in now for your stay at Foo
  • You have a message from Foo
  • 🛄 Thanks! Your booking is confirmed at Foo
  • This is your receipt
  • You have a message from Foo
  • You have a message from Foo
  • Your recent stay at Foo
  • Rate Foo
  • Your review of Foo
  • Guest Survey Reminder

Frequent business travellers, how do you cope with this? Is it background noise to you now, or do you have an ever-escalating set of filters?

Update: I just got another email reminding me of a Guest Survey. Good thing too, or I wouldn’t have noticed.

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