Book buying is aspirational


The imitable Alan Baxter brought me out of my self-imposed blogging break with this great observation:

Book buying is aspirational af. One day I’ll have time to read them all. You can read when you’re dead, right?

Surely I haven’t done the exact same thing… right? I checked my bedside table and Kobo ebook reader for purchased books I’ve yet to read or finish. This is but a tiny fraction:

Books from my Kobo, some (most?) of which I haven't read yet... whoops.

(I’ve gravitated back to light novels and manga over anime of late, not due to a misplaced belief that the proverbial book is always better, but because I can read them at my own pace).

At my current rate of reading, I’ll get through this backlog never. I don’t think I’d want it any other way.

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