Boohoo Microsoft Yahoo paraphernalia


If you're like any reasonable person who's genuinely scared of the idea of Microsoft purchasing Yahoo, show everyone your position by buying some Boohoo paraphernalia!

Boohoo shirt!

If I actually had some spare cash after buying a new motherboard which ended up being faulty anyway I'd grab myself a mug and a golf shirt. If I didn't buy the golf shirt, I'd probably have enough money to play a round of golf. Hah, not in Singapore! And if I didn't buy the mug, I'd probably have enough money for a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. In Singapore. I just realised the photo I uploaded was the white shirt, not the polo shirt. Wait, golf shirt. Now I'm confused. Boohoo! Don't you hate paragraphs full of disjointed sentences? I do. Boohoo!

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