and Servage have just been blocked


This is a shorter message because I don't have much time here. It seems the reason why I haven't been able to access my blog and over the last few days here at home hasn't been because my site is offline or down, but it seems that my webhost (and all the sites they host) is being blocked for some Singapore Starhub internet customers.

I am accessing my site now through a proxy. Google Reader seems unaffected.

This is extremely serious. I have long suspected Servage has been hosting some less than reputable sites, and with the latest code injection attacks which have been happening on my blog since Sunday on my site and on dozens of other Servage customer's sites, I suspect Starhub have taken action against them.

I will be moving all my Rubenerd Shows which collectively account for around 92% of my bandwidth onto Ourmedia, and I'll be moving my remaining sites over to Segpub (FreeBSD webhost in Australia with dedicated IP addresses, SFTP and SSH) once and for all. Perhaps this is the final wakeup call I needed to get my arse into gear and make the transition!

Servage were ultra affordable back when I thought the internet was a nice toy, but they're lack of adequate checks on what they host and these security lapses have made me lose what little shred of confidence I had in them. I don't approve of Starhub's move to block all sites hosted by them, but I can at least see their reasoning, and can somewhat understand.

Stay tuned for further developments. This will no doubt be taking me this next week to do. What are you doing for your holidays?

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