Birthday keeki for mummy


Dressed in my fashion-clueless attire and with my sister donning some of mummy’s fabulous jewellery, this evening we headed out to celebrate her birthday. With Indian being one of her favourite foods, we hit up our favourite restaurant in Hornsby and had some chicken madras. After we’d let it settle with lots of chat about the epicness that was Debra Schade, we headed to a desert bar and had some (family parlance) “medicinal keeki” of which she was a firm believer in!

One thing we chatted about was the iPad. Mummy got onto the computing scene rather late, but was a lightening quick learner when presented with a crummy Ubuntu laptop at the time. The long term treatment had affected her motor control, but with an iPad from today in hand she could potentially have made some amazing things. Not only that, but given half a day she could have been teaching US how to use it! Darn talented people.

I’ll admit, an ever dimming part of me still expects her to come sauntering home, twisted transparent cane in tow. We’d hug, share dinner, have her thrash me at cards and see what detective shows or documentaries on the ancient world we could catch. I miss those nights so much, it still hurts. As I said in her dedication, she was more than my mum, she was my best friend.

She would have been 58 today. I love you mummy <3

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