Birthday 486


Well how was my 20th birthday?

Aside from the mountains of uni projects and work I had to get through which took most of the day, looking for a laptop for a few hours for Sarab on eBay, it was pretty good. Kevin, Chris and I went to the Boatdeck Italian cafe for dinner for a Ruben-style birthday ending… pretty low key which was just my style.

As for the 486? I decided not to get the 486 I saw before, but instead a Toshiba Satellite T2150 series machine. Here are the specs of this incredibly fast monster:

  • Processor: 80486DX4 75MHz
  • Hard Disk: 530MB
  • RAM:
  • Drives: Internal FDD & CD-ROM (wow!)
  • Graphics: Chips & Technologies 65545 (655xx series)
  • Sound: ESS 688
  • PCMCIA: Adaptec AIC 6X60ISA Single-Chip Controller

Yee ha :D. I will be able to use this for retro gaming, and my uni assessment task on low-powered machines. Yee ha :D

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