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I had studies practically all day today (hence my de facto birthday!), but I met up with my awesome sister for dinner at the Yum Yum Cha restaurant in Chinatown for a birthday dinner! We had a real heart to heart talk about all kind of things and laughed a lot :)

Out of the blue, she surprised me with a metal wristband for the iPod Nano watch she bought me last year, and the present my old man left me at home turned out to be a brand new Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens! The thought that went into those presents… speechless.

The iPod Nano watch I'll be wearing every day, problem is now I'll want to take more photos when I should be studying. A great concern!

Also got more birthday hugs from dear friends, and an extraordinarily friendly post from my friend Sebastian. Speechless, again. Thank you so much :'D