Ruben’s biased browser feature table


More than ever before I’m asked why I haven’t moved to Chrome, as if it’s just the default option and anything else requires an immediate justification. Hey, it’s religion and atheism all over again! Anyway here’s a pretty table thingy showing why I still use The Firefox.

Browser Firefox Camino Safari Opera Chrome
JavaScript whitelist plugin plugin built in
Cookie whitelist plugin possible built in
URL blacklist plugin yes [1] yes [1] built in yes [1]
XSS, clickjacking block plugin
Supercookie clearing plugin
Debian cert blacklist plugin
MD5 cert blocking plugin
Sidebar tabs plugin plugin built in
Mac sort of [2] yes yes yes low priority [3]
FreeBSD yes yes

I’m not pretending this post isn’t biased in favour of Firefox, but as I said they’re the features I find important. If other browsers got similar functionality, I would consider using them. If you can see any mistakes in the table or have something to add, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add/fix it :).

Footer note thingys

[1] I used to use the Firefox plugin, but now I just edit the system-wide hosts file which benefits any internet aware application.

[2] Firefox is a native, real Mac application (aka no XQuartz) but it uses XUL over Cocoa for parts of the interface and it really shows. It also doesn’t have anywhere near the integration (keychains, etc.) that Camino and Safari can boast.

[3] Chrome is a Windows app first, Linux and Mac app second.

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