Dave Winer

Beware the wrath of Dave, poke fun at his netbook and he'll just crassly assume you're a spineless puppet of Apple folk because they're naturally the only ones who are uninspired by flimsy designs. I resemble [sic] his remarks… for one thing not all Apple fans are boys ;).

DaveWiner: People who say the Asus isn’t pretty — balderdash. People are always commenting on the cute little computer. It’s like a Prius.

Rubenerd: Sorry @davewiner, but that Asus really is an ugly machine. That’s not to say it isn’t convenient or useful though.

DaveWiner: @Rubenerd — you ever actually used one or are you just parroting what the apple fanboys told you to say

What was it that Adam West said on The Simpsons? I don't need moulded plastic to improve my physique… pure… West! If I had a point for this post, I've forgotten what it was.

As I pointed out back in 2006, in that above photo Dave looks just like my dad. Turns out they actually look nothing alike at all.