Best. Train line opening. Ever.


Some pictures are just so epic they deserve a mention, despite the fact they have nothing to do with the content of the blog upon which they're being published. In this case, the photo is of a Sydney suburban Tangara train, and the blog in question is the one you're reading right now. See what I did there?

G30-G28 bursts through the ‘wall’ as the first official train on the new ‘Y-Link’ between Harris Park and Merrylands [in Sydney]. 2/11/96.

There are so many puns I could break out with this, but I can't bust out any good ones. You'd think I'd be able to make light work of the walls surrounding this picture, but I'd probably crumble at any attempt. No breakthroughs here, I'm afraid. Herp derp. Hey look, a train!

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