Ben Sidran, Moose the Mooche


It’s Music Monday time! Each and every Monday, except when I don’t, I share a song and tag it with Music Monday; hence the timing and name of the aforementioned series. Though I was tempted to call it Tuesday Tunes, and have it only discuss kuih flavours and my favourite pkgsrc installation from that week.

Funny story, a childhood partner in crime wanted to open a hot dog stand and call it Just Burgers. Jono Augustus, how are you going my friend? Did you know there’s a chain of Western breakfast restaurants in Japan that bear your name? Bare? But I digress from this digression.

Play Ben Sidran - Moose The Mooch

Today’s Music Monday takes us back to a recording studio in 1978, to hear one of my favourite lyrical deliveries of any jazz song ever.

He thought he could find a new love in Paris, France
He’s gonna do the Paris dance!

Well when he got to town
All he found
Was he couldn’t speak French

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