Being sick of stuff


I haven’t written about decluttering stuff for a while. Adrian Chiles nails it:

I’m so sick of stuff. Some of it is stuff I really need or that is at least genuinely nice to have, but a good 70% is useless stuff. Clothes I’ll never wear, books I’ll never read, kitchen utensils I’ll never utilise. Items big and small that presumably felt essential the day I bought them but turned out to be quite the opposite. I suppose that as I get older the 70% figure will grow and grow until the morning of the day I shuffle off this mortal coil.

I’ve got to the point now where every new thing I get must displace something else, in addition to being useful or sparking joy (with apologies to Marie Kondo cynics). That’s helped, but it’s not making a dent. I need to rid our space of stuff again.

Anyone need some VGA cables? I have eight.

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