Beastie! This barely qualifies as a post, but I'm simply far too excited to contain myself. Having had DSL just provisioned today, this is what I've been able to do:

  • Finally downloaded FreeBSD 8.1 and Sabayon Five Point Three!
  • Run portsnap, portaudit, portmaster and freebsd-update on 3 machines
  • Run port -v selfupdate on 2 Macs
  • Updated 3 iTelephones to iOS 4.1
  • Downloaded a two month backlog of podcasts
  • Scrobbled a ton of cached music plays
  • Jabbered to two people
  • Wrote three blog posts (including this one!)
  • New desktop backgrounds!
  • Got my father’s Singapore VPN working
  • Returned emails for 31 people (41 if you count simple thank-you’s)
  • Uploaded a bunch of personal project revisions (HUGE!)
  • Built a crude time machine and interfaced it with an online flux capacitor

Thank you, and goodnight!