Ultra fancy new Planitonearth maps


I spent most of today frantically packing, paying bills and buying salami for my dad for my trip back home to The Singapores, but I figured I could spare a bit of time to show you the incredibly sophisticated WebJet map my online flight booking provided. I suppose when I read the awe inspired description with a fancy service name to boot I was expecting something a little more… fancy? :)

Hi Ruben
Thank you for making this reservation with Webjet.

New! See your booking plotted for free with Planitonearth. Simply follow the link below and it is all done for you.

Not to knit pick or anything either, but wouldn't the route path be slightly curved to given we're flying over a rough sphere shape not a flat plane? Hah, get it? Flat plane? Flying? Plane? Hey, I thought it was funny.

I'm flying Qantas instead of Singapore Airlines which is a real bummer, but the price difference has really ballooned even in the last six months. See you on the other side!

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