Back Home Again


As of one hour ago, the troops and I finally made it back to the outskirts of Adelaide, felt pretty good. We've done a ton of stuff:

Links are to artciles in Wikipedia if you need clarification :)

Melbourne (2 days)

  • Driven from Adelaide to Melbourne
  • Driven along the Great Ocean Road
  • Seen the 12 Apostles and London Bridge rock formations
  • Shopped in the CBD
  • Ate at the Hard Rock Cafe
  • Went to the top of the Rialto Towers (aka: Melbourne Observation Deck)
  • Walked along Southbank and saw the Eureka Tower (world’s tallest residential building)
  • Visited Patterson Lakes where I grew up over 12 years ago, very emotional!
  • Recorded Rubenerd Show from Patterson Lakes!

Canberra (1 day)

  • Best backpackers lodge I’ve ever stayed in :)
  • Visited Parliament House (inside and outside)
  • Visited town minatures park (incredible detail)
  • Went to the top of the Testra Tower
  • Recorded Rubenerd Show from top of Testra Tower

Sydney (3 days)

  • Visited my grandma while the others did tourist-y stuff
  • Recorded Rubenerd Show with grandma

The Rubenerd Shows I recorded were done 'on location' and thusly need some pretty hardcore processing before they're okay to distribute, so I'll be doing that over the next day or so.

Look out for photos soon too!

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