Back at the best blog park bench


Photo atop Namba Parks with Clara's and my beverages, and my newish Panasonic laptop

Today’s pointless nostalgia trip comes from the open air garden atop Namba Parks in Osaka that I fell in love with back in 2017. I found the same table I sat at and blogged from back then, and got the same Boss Coffee can. There were two differences this time:

  • We came in the heat of summer two years ago, and this time we’re coming off Northern Hemisphere winter. We’re increasingly freezing our hands numb sitting out here in this pointless exercise, so will be retreating indoors soon.

  • This lack of heat lead me to buy a hot Boss Coffee can this time. Two years ago, I was relieved to have an icy one.

  • Clara is here too, reading her pretty bishounen manga. In the nerdiest way I can express, her compatibility and patience with my bizarre interests is almost scary. I’m a lucky guy.

That about does my nostalgia posts from Osaka. I’m going to keep hacking on wpa_supplicant on this Panasonic laptop for a bit then head off; I discovered the key_mgmt option that lets me connect to open Wi-Fi hotspots without passwords, and the URL that lets me auth. And all from a laptop that has a keyboard that’s a pleasure to type on.

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