Australian iPhone 6s plans stuck in the 2000s


I'm just fine with my iPhone 5s and will likely be sticking with it for the foreseeable future. Staying a generation or two behind is much cheaper, and thesedays I'd rather spend the money travelling. I'm also grandfathered into a 1GB/$17 a month plan which by Australian standards is good.

For fun though, I checked out this ZDNet article that lists all the major Austrlaian telcos and their iPhone 6s plans. With the current exchange rate, they're predictably expensive. What’s worse is data:

  • Testra: 1GB
  • Vodaphone: 1GB
  • Optus: 300MB
  • Virgin: 300MB

SingTel back home offers 6GB for similar prices. 300MB in 2015 is an embarrassment.

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