No Filter, No Censorship, No Great Firewall of Australia

You know when Australia has really started losing respect in the eyes of the world when people discuss the country on their sites or publications where they've never really mentioned it before. For example, take this Japanation blog post:

If you’re the type to follow video games, they you know that Australia is one of the less favorable developed countries to live in. Its authorities wield the censor stick like few others, and regularly compare games (and gamers) to cancer and violent criminals.

Yes Conroy, Atkinson, you're making world headlines!

Of course this is just the beginning, the economic cost of the Labor government's nanny state policy and the Liberal party's apathy remains to be seen, but as I've discussed previously if they keep pulling stunts like this they can kiss any serious foreign investment in Australian IT goodbye if they know they'll be investing in a sector the government so openly despises.

And Labor are supposed to be the "left leaning" major party, sheesh :(. The Greens should be taking this issue and running with it, but so far they've remained relatively silent as well.