No Filter, No Censorship, No Great Firewall of Australia

Some civil liberty groups are championing the news that Senator Conroy's plan to filter Australian internet has been put "on hold", but personally I'm still just as jaded and pessimistic as I was before. Conroy and his cronies haven't said they're scrapping it which is the only sensible thing to do, they've simply pushed it to a time after the federal elections to spare themselves some embarrassment.

While we're also talking about this, David Ramli of ARNNET is reporting that it seems Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce has also put his support behind the mandatory filter which leads us to one very important question: can we all stop calling Barnaby Joyce a maverick, rouge, super elite senator please? Yes he's taken issue with a few things the coalition have proposed in the past, but reading these descriptions at the start of every single story about him starting to get a little long in the tooth.