Atelier Ryza anime announced


@dressupgeekout shared this news about an Atelier Ryza anime, which has been officially announced for midway through the year. It has an official site, and a cute new trailer showcasing Ryza and her friends.

Key visual from the anime PV announcement

I’m stoked! Despite all the usual comments about Thighza in regular anime forums, the Atelier games are some of the most wholesome I’ve ever played, and Ryza is such a great character. I’ll be interested to see how they turn a chill crafting game into a fully-fledged anime series.

The writer and music composer from the games will be behind this production as well, which gives me confidence that the original material will be respected. I also wasn’t that familiar with the production company LIDENFILMS, but they have quite the back catalogue.

If they pull this off, I’d love to see a Sophie series too :). Also maybe more figs cough.

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