Asia-Pacific MapWith all the pessimism around the world in regards to the United States' mess in Iraq, terrorism, unstable commodity prices and other lighthearted topics it's good to know we're still soldiering on.

According to a news report from Bloomberg (I love the design of their website), Asian markets with the exception of China posted their biggest weekly gains since November last year fueled largely by corporate profit results and forecasts that beat analyst's expectations.

Japan's Nikkei 225 rose 0.7 percent to 17,547.11, South Korea's Kospi had its best week since June, the Australian All Ordinaries posed a new record number and Singapore's Straits Times Index really impressed by posting its biggest gain in three years.

The Morgan Stanley Capital International Asia-Pacific Index added 1.4 percent this week to 142.71, extending a two-week, 1.4 percent rally.

Statistics coursety of Bloomberg Asia-Pacific and CNBC.