An arm, a leg and a Drobo


So after hearing Scott Bourne rave about the Drobo intelligent redundant data backup system on MacBreak Weekly so many times I decided to finally look into it. Drobo doesn't sell machines outside the US or Canada but they do have links to foreign distributors, one of which is Streetwise Australia:

Drobo: The world’s first storage robot. Fully automated storage you don’t have to manage.

Chances are, you get passionate about creating or collecting digital content, not about managing the storage where it lives. For you we’ve created Drobo, the first robotic storage device that takes the pain out of keeping your content safe.

AU $779

My data is extremely valuable to me, but even value must give in to economic realities. It may be an amazing device, but spending almost AU$800 on such a device when it doesn't even come with any drives is completely out of the question. I respect Scott Bourne, but that's not to say I can ever afford his recommendations.

AU $779 ???

Guess it's back to Rsync between my internal MacBook Pro and ThinkPad X40 drives and my Stonehenge of individual external hard drives each with their own power supply and data cables. Its a messy, seething mass of twisted electronics that takes up an entire tabletop and an almost two full powerboards, but it works.

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