I like argument and option mnemonics. I can see why standard usage documentation prefers to sort arguments l15y, but this way makes them much easier to remember.

For example, my standard directory listings:

$ ls -cola

From the FreeBSD ls(1) manpage:

Or for sorting by ascending time modified, using the name of those Singaporean and Malaysian train systems:

$ ls -lrt

From that same manpage:

And the classic, audio-sounding aux:

$ ps aux

From the FreeBSD ps(1) manpage:

And finally, a somewhat lowbrow insult to give to a folder that may be using way too much of your drive space:

$ du -sh

From the FreeBSD du(1) manpage:

Unfortunately, tar and related tools will never have mnemonic arguments, unless cjvf becomes an overpriced clothing line or something.