Arena Unix II swim cap


Speaking of surprises, I wasn’t aware that AT&T had invested in swim cap technology! This was in a newsletter I got this morning, emphasis added:

We revamped our classic fabric swim cap with gorgeous new colours and an updated logo stamp. Unix II is the perfect headcover for fitness swimming and total comfort. This style is made of three panels of fabric for better stretch and fit. One of the easiest swim caps to put on in the world, take the fuss out of getting pool ready.

It almost looks like a giant TrackPoint:

Photo of a navy-blue Arena swimcap

Some other utilities that appeared in Unix II include echo(1) and stty(1), though it remains to be seen how effective either of these would be at covering your head.

They also have a Long Term Support range for men and women as well that match this Unix headgear, though at best these could be considered Unix-like.

Our Learn To Swim (LTS) swim products provides the essentials to empower anyone new to swimming. These core training suits provide a comfortable and easy introduction to swimming without the investment.

The men’s costumes are also referred to jammers, which presumably you’d want to use ZFS with then to prevent data loss.

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