Are You An Evil Liberal?


Put Your Beliefs to the Test!

My mum and I laughed out loud when we read the blurb for this book!

Too many self-professing Christians hold a schizophrenic worldview-a toxic mixture of Christian and humanist beliefs that undermine Biblical living and the potential to change the world for Christ. Recognizing the problem, Brannon Howse developed a test to help people assess their personal worldviews. Since it was first put online in 2001, more than 50,000 people have taken the test to rank themselves on a scale from “Strong Christian Thinker” to ” Secular Humanist Thinker.”

And what does this book help to protect you from?

Here are some of the fallacious, humanistic ideas this book will protect you against:

  • All religions are equal.
  • Since the Bible says judge not lest you be judged, no one should ever judge the actions, beliefs or behavior of others.
  • Science, history, and literature can and should be taught without a religious or philosophical foundation.
  • Evolution is scientific while creationism is religious.
  • You cannot legislate morality.
  • Jesus Christ believed in socialism, not free enterprise.
  • Since one of the Ten Commandments is “thou shall not kill,” God is opposed to all war and to capital punishment.
  • America’s Founding Fathers violated New Testament principles when they founded the United States.
  • Mankind is basically good.

And this guy is serious!

Anyway I'd better not take the test, I'm too much of an "evil" liberal I think ;). If you think you have what it takes, you should give it a shot!

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