Rubenerd has 6,800+ posts. This page lists ways you can view them all, in a somewhat less tedious fashion than employing pagination links.

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  • Anime, now rarely added to, but I used to be a good little weeb
  • Hardware, computers, servers, phones, jaffle irons
  • Internet, websites, online privacy and security, standards
  • Media, photography, journalism, music
  • Software, mostly FreeBSD and macOS
  • Thoughts, my catch–all for other random stuff
  • Travel, avaiation, public transport, and actually travelling!

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There are far too many to list here. But if you see a recurring topic, chances are there’s a tag. For example, here’s Coffee, FreeBSD, and privacy.

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I only started putting locations on posts a few years ago, and have been slowing adding them to the back catalogue. Consider these generated listings incomplete! sorted in order of post count.

By year


  • 2019 … when we were in Japan for the Reiwa announcement
  • 2018 … when I blogged and worked out of San Francisco
  • 2017 … when I blogged from Japan for the first time
  • 2016 … when everyone lost their mind over Rem
  • 2015 … when the podcast started again
  • 2014 … when my blog turned ten
  • 2013 … when a blog post landed me a job!
  • 2012 … when Gangnam Style came out
  • 2011 … when I briefly blogged about anime again
  • 2010 … when we said goodbye to Whole Wheat Radio


  • 2009 … when I was studying in Adelaide
  • 2008 … when FreeBSD became a regular topic
  • 2007 … when I started blogging from cafés
  • 2006 … when it became a blog again
  • 2005 … when it became a podcast site
  • 2004 … when I started blogging in school