This blog has 8,000+ posts and pages, including this one. Whoa, that’s profound! This page lists how you can find them through searching, years, categories, tags, lists, repositories, and locations.

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  • Anime, now mostly fig reviews
  • Annexe, imports from side blogs and closed sites
  • Hardware, computers, servers, phones, jaffle irons
  • Internet, websites, online privacy and security, standards
  • Media, photography, journalism, music
  • Rubenerd Show, my long-running podcast of sillyness
  • Software, mostly the BSDs and macOS
  • Thoughts, for other random stuff
  • Travel, avaiation, public transport, and exploring


You can view the entire tag list here. If you see a recurring topic, chances are there’s a tag. For example, here’s coffee, FreeBSD, and privacy.


Lists and other pages are now in the Omake section. I’d link you to this archive page, but that’d be a bit redundant.



I love sitting at coffee shops in random places and writing. I only started geo-tagging posts a few years ago and have yet to finish backfilling, so consider these archives incomplete. Or not, I can’t tell you how to live your life. Or… can I? How should I handle this newfound power?