Apple Switch Blog

It's a bit outdated (latest version of Mac OS X discussed is 10.3 Panther) but it has lots of information for first time Mac users:

  • Importing Windows IE Bookmarks into Mac IE
  • Importing MP3’s into iTunes
  • Importing images into iPhoto
  • Importing Palm information into Entourage
  • Converting From Microsoft Money to Quicken
  • Installing Latex
  • Transferring emails from Microsoft Outlook to Entourage
  • Programming Function Keys
  • Installing Windows XP on Virtual XP
  • Installing MySQL and PHP
  • Installing Matlab

All Too Flat: Apple Switch Blog

From the site: You've seen those Apple Switch commercials and they're pretty convincing. But you have questions. How does the Mac OS X really compare to Windows? How easy is it to switch? What's the deal with the one mouse button? The guys at All Too Flat have the same questions. Follow this blog as we explore the ins and outs, ups and downs (strikes and gutters) of switching from the PC to the Mac.